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Houston Health Services (HHS) assists health care service providers of any discipline that are required to meet HIPAA rules and regulations. HHS recognizes the complexities and demands in meeting HIPAA standards. The HHS staff of experts stands prepared to help you, by first offering a free, no obligation risk assessment of your entities current compliance status.

 That’s right, a risk free assessment of your current compliance with HIPAA policies and procedures. HHS HIPAA certified personnel will assess potential violations with current HIPPA requirements, and report back to the health care providers’ HIPPA Compliance Officer areas which could result in civil fines, and in some cases criminal prosecution.

Houston Health Services will then present a plan to execute remediation of any compliance issues at an affordable price.  OCR completed a record number of investigations in 2016, and is scheduling even more field audits in 2017. Utilizing HHS limits your exposure to potential fines and penalties levied by an OCR audit. KPMG, a world renowned professional and advisory firm held a poll regarding HIPAA implementation among 140 health system and hospital administrators. The poll showed about 47% of healthcare facilities faced various obstacles in meeting HIPAA rules and they could not guarantee 100% HIPAA compliance, including protecting patients’ personal information and annual risk assessments. Only 3% of respondents answered they were completely comfortable with all statements of the HIPAA act.

HHS will assess:

Security Rule Compliance

Physical Protection Methods

Technical Protection Methods

Administrative Protection Methods.

The following data breaches recently involved multi- million dollar fines:

  • Deactivation of a network server resulted in the PHI of more than 6,800 individuals being accessible online
  • Patient data was found posted online
  • Patient data was transmitted using communication that was not secure or encrypted
  • 2 stolen unencrypted laptops let more than 100,000 patient records compromised, including patient Social Security numbers
  • PHI was disposed of in dumpsters
  • Company was found to not have technical safeguards in place to verify the entities accessing its database of PHI
  • Unencrypted computer hard drives containing PHI were stolen

Health care organizations are under greater scrutiny today than ever before. This leaves most compliance departments tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of monitoring and ensuring compliance with several federal and state requirements, including HIPAA. To meet the needs of these organizations and help them stay compliant, Houston Health Services ( HHS) offers HIPAA Advisory Services. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced health care compliance consultants are available to help health care organization understand and manage their HIPAA responsibilities.

Recent changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements will require many organizations to implement new policies, procedures, and training. Our HIPAA compliance consulting and advisory services will help health care organizations strategize how to develop and implement these changes for their organizations.

To facilitate HIPAA compliance efforts, HHS offers HIPAA compliance tools, including compliance training, policies and procedures which can easily be implemented. We also offer HIPAA breach preparedness tools to address potential breaches and facilitate compliance with HIPAA breach reporting rules.

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If your organization needs to help adapting to recent HIPAA compliance requirements, or simply developing a plan to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, contact HHS today. Our team of experienced consultants is eager to assist your organization with its HIPAA responsibilities.